Get the Most Out of the Holidays: Simple Tips to Survive the Holidays (& Year-Round) without Weight Gain, Fatigue or Depression with Susan Smith Jones, PhD

Many people gain between 5-12 pounds from Thanksgiving through the first week of January. How would you like to go through the holidays this year without gaining a pound? That’s right! Does that sound impossible to you? You can do it with the help of our guest today, Susan Smith Jones. A world-renowned motivational speaker, […]

His Majesty’s Airship: The Life and Tragic Death of the World’s Largest Flying Machine by S. C. Gwynne

From the bestselling author of the Pulitzer Prize finalist Empire of the Summer Moon comes a stunning historical tale of the rise and fall of the world’s largest airship—and the doomed love story between an ambitious British officer and a married Romanian Princess at its heart. The tragic story of the British airship R101—which went down in […]

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