Dare to Be a Revolutionary Leader : People Are the Solution—Change Your Leadership Style

by Charley Swords There is no such thing as perfection—only growth. The same applies to leadership. Charley Swords, an expert in working with leadership and management teams, drives home the point that there is no “one size fits all” leadership style. She argues that the most important thing to know about leadership is that it occurs […]

No Time to Waste: Microbehaviors: Leveraging the Little Things to Become a Better Leader by Artell Smith

Each day we go through our routines, whether at work or home, exhibiting micro-bursts of behavior. Often we give little or no thought to these micro-bursts. We answer questions, request help, provide direction, offer counsel & advice, talk to family, friends & colleagues, encounter strangers, and so on. Some of our micro-behaviors hit exactly as […]

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