Take Charge of Your Career: A guide to organizing and conducting a successful job search in these competitive times by Mary Ann Chimera

Even among experienced and skilled professionals, there’s a lot of anxiety-inducing mystery when it comes to job searching. What are the best things to start with, and in what order?  What’s missing in your resume?  What about a cover letter?  What exactly do present employers want? But more importantly, how do you know that they’re […]

We’re Overdosed by Barry I. Gold

We’re Overdosed looks at the history of opium and the drug’s spread throughout the world. It traces the origin of morphine from opium, the subsequent synthesis of opioids, and the birth of the global pharmaceutical industry. From Barry I. Gold’s point of view as a scientist, he offers thoughts about gaining control of prescription opioids through […]

Magic: The Life of Earvin “Magic” Johnson by Roland Lazenby

The definitive biography of the basketball legend Earvin “Magic” Johnson, from the highly respected, career sportswriter and author of Michael Jordan: The Life. Magic Johnson is one of the most beloved, and at times controversial, athletes in history. His iconic smile lifted the dowdy sport of American professional basketball from a second-tier sport with low ratings […]

The Dangers of Ultra-Processed Foods & A Top Quality Superfood — Holy Basil Seeds with Susan Smith Jones, Ph.D.

Ultra-processed foods (UPFs), such as pastries and sweetened breakfast cereals, are popular for a reason. They’re convenient and accessible and there’s a sense of familiarity and reliability with them. You know exactly how that food will taste. So it’s no surprise that nearly 60% of an adult’s daily calories come from ultra-UPFs, while a child’s […]

My Spirituality of Nature: Self Discovery; The Relatedness of Spirituality & Nature In Your Life by Morreece Elaine Cook

My life has grown in wholeness with the writing of this book. God shows me more every day about how to connect with my “spirituality of nature.” This concept reveals how my spirit (my “core”) connects with all of nature–earth (animals, vegetation, microorganisms), water, wind, and fire. My literary contribution looks at, Who is nature? […]

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