Who Do You Like in the Big Game? Get the Latest Super Bowl Odds (on Every Imaginable Topic) from Former ESPN Personality and Sports Betting Expert, Chad Millman

The Super Bowl is the most popular sporting event in America, not to mention the most bet-on event of the year. Wagers of all kind dominate the conversation among hardcore fans and casual spectators who just want to enjoy the party. This year the topic of betting takes on added urgency as the Supreme Court […]

Moral Fiber: Awakening Corporate Consciousness by Shawn Vij

“It’s not personal. It’s just business.” A mantra that rattles every corporate hallway. So loud, at times, we forget who we are and what we have become. Corporate profitability, growth and career development without strong values give way to destructive behaviors and damaging work environments. In today’s corporate world, success is often equated with sacrificing […]

Don’t Sweat Your Child’s Fever! New Survey Dispels Myths and Misconceptions about Pediatric Fever!

Many Moms Suffer From “Fever Phobia” – Feeling Worried, Anxious and Fearful When Their Child Has a Fever Dr. Deborah Gilboa, known as “Dr. G,” is an internationally respected family physician, parenting expert and founder of AskDoctorG.com. She has teamed up with Braun Thermometers, the #1 brand recommended by pediatricians, to help dispel common misconceptions […]

Investigation Discovery Re-Examines One of the Most Gripping Cases of All Time in the Special Three-Night TV Event, Jodi Arias: An American Murder Mystery , Premieres Sunday January 14th for Three Nights at 10pm ET/9pm CT Only on Investigation Discovery

Ric Speaks with Investigative Journalist Beth Karas about One of the Most Shocking Murder Mysteries in History A whirlwind romance transformed into a fatal attraction followed by a salacious trial tailor-made for the tabloids. Investigation Discovery takes viewers deep inside the murder case of Travis Alexander and the legal circus that followed in JODI ARIAS: […]

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