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Fearless Explorer, Biologist & Extreme Angler Jeremy Wade Returns to TV in Discovery Channel’s Jeremy Wade’s Dark Waters

The Host of Animal Planet’s #1 Series River Monsters is Backto Explore All-New Mysteries Lurking Beneath the Waters. He Chats with Ric About His New SeriesBiologist Jeremy Wade spent the last 35 years solving mysteries that lurk in our planet’s rivers, lakes and seas. In 2017, he hung up his rod after nine seasons on Animal Planet’s #1 rated […]

Experience off-the-map investigations with explorer Josh Gates in an all new season Of Travel Channel’s Expedition Unknown Wednesdays 9pm ET/PT on Travel Channel

Gates talks to Ric about his thrilling new investigations into the world’s most intriguing legends, including his latest expeditions into the missing Kruger Millions and the lost city of the Kalahari in remote South Africa! Travel Channel’s charismatic explorer, Josh Gates, returns for a brand-new season of the hit series Expedition Unknown, seeking answers to […]

Investigative journalist Bryan Christy follows ivory’s bloody trail to the doorsteps of Africa’s worst extremists in the September issue of National Geographic magazine and in the new film Explorer: Warlords Of Ivory.

The murder of Cecil the Lion sparked international outrage. But the illegal ivory trade Has endangered African elephants at a tipping point, And the blood money is funding militias and terrorists. Bryan Christy will discuss with Ric the importance of saving the majestic elephant and what you can do to help from the safety & […]

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