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Relationship expert & best selling author Dr. Gail Saltz joins Ric to discuss some of the surprising things your mouth tells the world about you, and how you can keep it healthy so that you are always putting your best self forward in any situation!

Your mouth says more about you than you may think. In fact, not only does Your oral health impact the way others view you… it may have an effect on getting hired or promoted, or even finding success in a romantic relationship. These are just some of the findings that a recent study on the […]

Boosting your self confidence this Valentine’s Day with best selling author Valorie Burton

Boost your self confidence this Valentine’s Day! Best selling author Valorie Burton shares her tips for positive thinking, having more fun and achieving your goals in life, love and work. Burton’s published works include Successful Women Think Differently, What’s Really Holding You Back and Happy Women Live Better. She is a contributor on issues of […]

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