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The Benefits of Meditation— Physically, Mentally & Spiritually with Susan Smith Jones, PhD • SusanSmithJones.com

Susan has not only practiced meditation herself for decades, she has also traveled the world (physically and virtually) teaching people about the benefits of meditation, how to do it, and simple meditation tips and techniques to foster high-level wellness. She’s devoted two very detailed chapters in WIRED FOR HIGH LEVEL WELLNESS on the history of meditation over […]

Brain Power 12 Ways to Maximize Your Mental Health Into Your Golden Years with Foods & Healthy Living Practices with Susan Smith Jones, PhD

People often joke about getting older and forgetful with comments like . . . “I’m having a senior moment,” but it’s not a laughing matter. A hit-or-miss memory and issues such as brain fog can really put you off your game, and as usual, oxidative stress is the culprit.When we are young, our brain and […]

Healthy Eating Tips & Simple Lifestyle Changes to Prevent Weight Gain, Fatigue & Depression During the Holidays with Dr. Susan Smith Jones

Many people gain between 5-12 pounds from Thanksgiving through the first week of January. How would you like to go through the holidays this year without gaining a pound? That’s right! Does that sound impossible to you? You can do it with the help of our guest today, Susan Smith Jones. A world-renowned motivational speaker, […]

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