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What If Your Mom was a Cocaine Godmother, Or Your Dad was a Real-Life Scarface?

VH1’s New Docuseries Cartel Crew Explores theLives of Descendants of Cartel Life.  Airs Mondays at 9PM ET/PT Ric Talks with Michael Blanco & Stephanie AcevedoAbout Finding Redemption in Life after Narcos.  Set in Miami, Cartel Crew takes a deep look into the lives of eight descendants of the Cartel life as they navigate adulthood and the effects the legacy has had on their […]

Jason Dundas, TV personality, “Entertainment Tonight” and fashioniInfluencer

Jason Dundas is currently a Special Correspondent for the world’s most watched entertainment news show, Entertainment Tonight where he has interviewed major international stars such as Johnny Depp, Madonna and Jennifer Aniston. He is the Host of MTV’s re-launch of AMERICA’S BEST DANCE CREW. Prior to this, Jason was the host of MTV’s extreme dance […]

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