Vision of Hope: Rebuilding A Life Destroyed By Drugs and Alcohol by Leilani Faber

Vision of Hope is an important contribution to the growing number of stories by recovering addicts, for its well-written account in terms that are touching yet honest, in both the low points and high points of her story. Perhaps most significantly, Leilani Faber’s life story brings us to a conclusion that includes a current life and an optimistic future that should make her, her children, and her mother proud. It literally offers hope for anyone who has found their life severely impacted by meth or other drugs and demonstrates that despite the damage done by meth use, with hard work, redemption is possible and a new life awaits anyone willing to make that commitment.

As a child, Leilani Faber, dreamed of being an author or a super model. But she started drinking coffee at the age of 13 and it stunted her growth just like grandma warned. So, she decided to be an author. She took several detours. She waited tables, wrote grants, worked in a factory, managed a restaurant, night clerked at a hotel, and the list goes on. Along the way she earned two bachelor’s degrees and a master’s degree. Leilani is also an entrepreneur who owned several businesses including writing services, house-call salon services, carpet cleaning, private investigating, and counseling to name a few. Her vast and varied life experience has given her material and wisdom that she shares through her writing and as a therapist.

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