Reach For the Stars This Memorial Day Week:

Space Launch Live: America Returns to Space  Watch the LIVE extravaganza from the comfort of your own homeas Discovery and Science Channel document history in themaking when Americans blast back into space.  Wednesday’s NASA launch ofSpaceX’s Crew Dragon Capsule marks the first crewedspace mission from the U.S. since 2011. Ric Talks with former astronaut Mike Massimino,who […]

Is There Mounting Scientific Evidence about Life on Other Planets? On the Eve of Independence Day: Resurgence, Ric Speaks with Astrophysicist Dr. Ian O’Neill from Seeker.com about the Possibility of Life Beyond Earth and the Plausibility of Blockbuster Sci-Fi Movie & TV Plots

In the highly anticipated summer blockbuster Independence Day: Resurgence opening June 24, a battalion of aliens return to Earth, threatening to obliterate the human race. Although alien invasions have long been a fixture of Hollywood movies and TV shows, are we beginning to see increasing scientific evidence that suggests the likelihood of life on other […]

Decorated astronaut Sandy Magnus — who’s been aboard several spaceflight missions — discusses with ric the future of the space program, the experience of spending months on board a spacecraft, and the importance of science & engineering education among young students

Sandy also talks about the DiscoverE Educator Awards, honoring those who inspire our next generation of scientists, engineers & astronauts! Dr. Sandra (Sandy) Magnus flew in space on the STS-112 shuttle mission in 2002, and on the final shuttle flight, STS-135, in 2011. In addition, she flew to the International Space Station on STS-126 in […]

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