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As the Country Prepares for the Looming Presidential Election and Continues to Fight an Ongoing Pandemic, Take a Deep, Multifaceted Look Into the Soul of a Quintessentially American City.

City So Real Ric Speaks with Oscar-Nominated Documentarian Steve James AboutHis Critically Acclaimed Docu-Series on National Geographic.  The One-Night, Five-Hour, Commercial-Free event, airs October 29th at 7pm ET/PT on National Geographic, Available Next Day on Hulu.City So Real was an official Indie Episodic selection at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival where it had its world premiere. In the […]

Investigative journalist Bryan Christy follows ivory’s bloody trail to the doorsteps of Africa’s worst extremists in the September issue of National Geographic magazine and in the new film Explorer: Warlords Of Ivory.

The murder of Cecil the Lion sparked international outrage. But the illegal ivory trade Has endangered African elephants at a tipping point, And the blood money is funding militias and terrorists. Bryan Christy will discuss with Ric the importance of saving the majestic elephant and what you can do to help from the safety & […]

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