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Amazon’s Emmy-Winning Kids’ Series Tumble Leaf Returns for an All-New Season Ric Speaks with Series Creator Drew Hodges and Executive Producer Kelli Bixler About the Critically Acclaimed Animated Series that Teaches Children About Science and Nature

Tumble Leaf — Amazon’s Emmy®-winning stop-motion animation series aimed at pre-school age children — is back for a second season. Created by Drew Hodges (who’s also done animation segments for Saturday Night Live and Community) and produced by Kelli Bixler, Tumble Leaf focuses on a curious blue fox, and his caterpillar friend, who embark on […]

EXPLORE THE MOST AMAZING SPACE STORIES OF 2015 From a Never-Before-Seen Look at Pluto to a Potential Alien Megastructure, Astrophysicist Dr. Ian O’Neill Offers an Entertaining and Enlightening Look at the Strange and Incredible Space Stories of 2015

Dr. Ian O’Neill is the Senior Space Science Producer for DiscoveryNews.com, the top online destination for awe-inspiring science news. With a Ph.D in Solar Physics and a Masters in Astrophysics, Dr. O’Neill has a passion for investigating the workings of our universe and debunking doomsday scenarios with hard science. Discovery News will unveil their top […]

Ric speaks with children’s TV producer J.J. Johnson about the live-action adventure series “Annedroids” that helps teach children about science

Amazon’s Emmy®-nominated kids’ Series Annedroids returns for an all new season now available for Amazon Prime members. Annedroids — Amazon’s Emmy®-nominated live-action adventure series aimed at children aged six through eleven — is back for a second season and will feature the voice of Oscar® winner Geena Davis. Created by Emmy-nominated producer JJ Johnson (Dino […]

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