TOP TECH TRENDS FROM 2016 CONSUMER ELECTRONICS SHOW (CES) LIVE From Las Vegas ​What are the Most Buzzed About Tech Products of 2016?

Find out when Ric speaks with Jeremy Kaplan, Editor-in-Chief of Digital Trends, a high-tech lifestyle, technology news and information website.

Jeremy will highlight the best new consumer tech products coming to market soon!

Just what new gadgets will be unveiled?

Jeremy will canvass CES and report on the newest consumer technology such as:

DRONES – smart, useful, loved by many. Expect smarter and better.
4K TVs – bigger, crisper, higher resolution – enough said.
SMART HOMES – forget about pocket-sized gadgets and get ready for a jaw-dropping washing machine.
HEALTH & WELLNESS TECH – find out the latest technology to help you keep that New Years fitness resolution.
HIGH TECH VEHICLES – cars with brains. Get ready.

Jeremy Kaplan is Editor-in-Chief of Digital Trends, where he leads the editorial team creatively and operationally. Over nearly two decades working in and with technology he saw the industry explode, from the growth of the Internet to the birth and dominance of smartphones, Facebook, Twitter and more. Before joining DT, he spent nearly five years at, and over a decade at Ziff Davis Media, publisher of

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