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  1. Words Matter: A collection of vignettes examining the shared spaces of motherhood, marriage, friendship, aging, and femininity By: Judy Marano
  2. STORMRIDER: “A Historical Novel Based on True Events” by Gordon L. “Box” Bocher
  3. Why It’s Essential to Eat a Vegetable-Centric Diet: 15 Delicious & Easy Ways to Enjoy Consuming More Vegetables with Susan Smith Jones, PhD
  4. ​FROM BLACK TO BLUE by Ed Cook
  5. Through the Microscopes of Antoni van Leeuwenhoek by Dr. Barbara ten Brink
  6. Owning Your Weight: The Realistic Dynamics of Being Who You Are by Dr. Henri Marcoux
  7. How to Educate Your Children in the 21st Century by Clynie Huggins
  8. Lilly’s Day Coping with Autism by Bethany Stoots
  9. The Healing Benefits of Vitamin K for Health, Brain, Blood & Bone Health with Susan Smith Jones, Ph D
  10. Beyond Knowledge: How Technology Is Driving an Age of Consciousness by William E. Halal
  11. The Beaten Heart by Mallory Weber
  12. Real Prison Real Freedom by Rosser McDonald
  13. The Kid Who Had Life Stacked Against Him: Crying to the Top by Derrick Reynolds
  14. UPLIFTED: Creating a Life with Optimal Wellness, a Victorious Mindset & Much Less Stress with Susan Smith Jones, PhD
  15. Unbreakable Hearts II: A True Heart-Wrenching Story About Victory… Forfeited! by Earl “Dusty” Trimmer
  16. Tick-Tock Tick-Tock Blue Planet by Gonzague Dufour
  17. Take the High Road to Personal Accountability: Incorporating Self Responsibility, Character and Integrity into your Life by Moe Russell
  18. Living from Within: A Tribute to Love and Happiness by EJ Seals-Jackson
  19. The Importance of a Healthy Gut with Susan Smith Jones, PhD
  20. THE BOOK OF THIEVES and the JOKER’S GAME by Summer Friesen
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