Worthy: From Corn Fields to Corner Office of Microsoft, Stories of Overcoming by Jane Boulware

WORTHY’s relatable stories will make you snort, sob, cheer and rethink what’s possible. Jane Boulware shares failures and successes from dirt-poor Iowa field worker to corner-office Microsoft executive. Too scrappy to fail, too stubborn to give up and too scared to let others down, Worthy is a vulnerable journey of grit, wit and learning self-worth is not defined by what others say, expect or have, but by what you make, claim and give of what you got. These stories are what I got to give.

Born the fourth kid in a one-bedroom house, my path was forged long before me: get married, make babies and stay on the good side of the church and the law, in that order. The law did me no favors, but a gnarly nun did, securing a $320 scholarship to a future I didn’t know existed. I left for college before my folks knew I was gone, selling dad’s used carpeting and mom’s prayers to pay my way.

Penniless and married at 20 years old, I had an MBA at 24, first saw the ocean at 25, commuted to South America each week at 31, brought two sons into the world by 35, was a millionaire at 37, and was one of a select few Microsoft executives at 40.

Along the way to the corner office, I’ve been hit on, spit on, shot at, yelled at, a zero and a hero. I’ve been called a bulldog, a bitch, brilliant and inspiring all on the same day. Dismissed and underestimated by many, often myself, I sought relief through addiction, found support from the least expected, and hope when it mattered most.

I’ve learned on the journey I am worthy as I am. I didn’t have to earn it or prove it. No one gave it to or took it from me. I didn’t become it. Worth didn’t come in a Tiffany’s box, a graduate degree, a bank statement, or a title. I didn’t lose it with failure or get more with success. I am worthy as I am. And so are you.


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