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Smithsonian Channel Reveals the Hidden Secrets & Illicit Stories of History’s Royal Figures in PRIVATE LIVES OF THE MONARCHS , Premiering Monday May 20th at 8pm ET/PT

Host Tracy Borman Shares with Ric the Nitty-Gritty, Down &Dirty and Outright Bizarre Facts About the Iconic Rulersfrom Our History Books Smithsonian Channel slips into the bedchambers and back rooms of Britain and France’s royal palaces to discover the Private Lives of the Monarchs. Hosted by Tracy Borman, joint Chief Curator of the Historic Royal Palaces, this five-part series forgoes […]

Kris Wilder

Kris Wilder is an award-winning author and co-author of more than 20 influential martial arts books. His titles include “The Way of Sanchin Kata” and “How to Win a Fight: A Guide to Avoiding and Surviving Violence” two definitive works which earned him international recognition in the martial arts world.Kris trained formally with the likes […]

The Power of Community: How Phenomenal Leaders Inspire their Teams, Wow their Customers, and Make Bigger Profits: How Phenomenal Leaders Inspire their … Wow their Customers, and Make Bigger Profits by Howard Partridge

Build a culture based on the values of “community”—a win-win solution that benefits employees and drives profitabilityEvery human being has a longing for belonging. We all need to feel loved, accepted, and validated, but today’s digital culture has broken down the spirit of traditional communities—and people crave the commitment and togetherness that comes with community […]

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