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A Hopeful Video about a Post-Covid 19 World Becomes an Internet Sensation and a New Children’s Book

Ric Speaks with Tomos Roberts Whose PoemThe Great Realization Received Internet Fame,Worldwide Media Attention and Praise fromHollywood Celebrities We all need hope. Humans have an extraordinary capacity to battle through adversity, but only if they have something to cling onto: a belief or hope that, one day, things will be better. This is the notion behind The Great […]

Canceled Graduations… Stuck in Isolation… College This Fall? Helping Kids Cope During the Pandemic

COVID-19 Has Caused Considerable Stress forMany Kids and Teens – Get Helpful Tips for FamiliesWho Are Struggling with Anxiety Jenney Wilder, Founder ofAllKindsOfTherapy.com, Is with Ric To Share Hints andResources for Helping Young People Cope withPandemic-Related Stress According to a recent Kaiser Family Foundation survey, forty-five percent of adults said the pandemic affected their mental health. […]

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