Canceled Graduations… Stuck in Isolation… College This Fall? Helping Kids Cope During the Pandemic

COVID-19 Has Caused Considerable Stress for
Many Kids and Teens – Get Helpful Tips for Families
Who Are Struggling with Anxiety

Jenney Wilder, Founder of, Is with Ric To Share Hints and
Resources for Helping Young People Cope with
Pandemic-Related Stress 

According to a recent Kaiser Family Foundation survey, forty-five percent of adults said the pandemic affected their mental health. But it’s not just adults for whom the pandemic has taken a mental toll. School closures, canceled graduations and proms, isolations from friends, and the possibility of colleges not opening this fall have all contributed to stress and anxiety for children and teens – particularly those with mental health issues or special needs.

Jenney Wilder, M.S. Ed., is the founder of, an online resource that provides information about treatment programs, parent coach experts, teletherapy, and consultants who assist families in crisis. The site enables families to compare and evaluate the various interventions, support and treatments that are available to them.

Jenney shares a number of tips for families to help young people cope with stress and anxiety, including:

* Try to Keep a Routine — As parts of the country have sheltered in place for two months, structure and routine can be difficult to maintain. Try to reinforce a routine to help keep young people grounded – have meals together without electronics, or take a walk around the block as a family.
* Sleep – Several studies show that lack of sleep leads to anxiety, depression, inability to concentrate. Try to keep the electronics out of the bedroom at night so that kids can get a restful night’s sleep.
* Listen – Everyone knows teens don’t communicate much anyway. But try to pay close attention and listen to the little pieces that sneak out. Validate what comes out of their mouth. Try going for a car ride to get more out of them. 
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