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Some Cures for Cabin Fever… Pop Culture Pundit Maude Garrett Shares with Ric Her Favorite Family-Friendly Movies to Keep Kids Entertained While at Home, And After-Hour Films for Adults. All Free, All Streaming on Tubi in April.

Maude’s Picks For Family Time Together (Or Keeping Children Occupied):  * Adventures of TinTin(great for older members of the family that remember the original and younger who love the recent movie!)*Rugrats Go Wild (best of Rugrats and Wild Thornberrys)* Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – (TURTLE POWER)* Getting Even with Dad – (with Macauly Culkin and Ted Danson – a classic!)* Shrek Forever […]

The Summer Movie Season Rolls on with Hot New Releases Hitting Theaters in July

Pop Culture Junkie Maude Garrett PreviewsJuly’s Hottest Movies, Both in Theaters and At Home With RicThe smash hit Toy Story 4 helped raise the 2019 summer box office even higher than last year’s record-breaking summer. That trend looks to continue in July with highly anticipated releases such as Spider-Man: Far From Home and The Lion Kingon deck. Pop culture expert Maude Garrett can […]

Some of the Summer’s Most Anticipated Movies Arrive in Theaters in June Ric Catches Up with Pop Culture Junkie Maude Garrett for a Preview of June’s Hottest Movies, Both in Theaters and at Home

The 2019 summer movie season kicked off with the mega-blockbuster Avengers:Endgame which smashed box office records, but there’s still plenty to come as many of the summer’s most anticipated movies – including Toy Story 4and X-Men: Dark Phoenix — arrive in June. Pop culture expert Maude Garrett previews not only the summer blockbusters hitting theaters in June, but also complementary film titles that […]

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