Some Cures for Cabin Fever… Pop Culture Pundit Maude Garrett Shares with Ric Her Favorite Family-Friendly Movies to Keep Kids Entertained While at Home, And After-Hour Films for Adults. All Free, All Streaming on Tubi in April.

Maude’s Picks For Family Time Together (Or Keeping Children Occupied): 

Adventures of TinTin(great for older members of the family that remember the original and younger who love the recent movie!)
*Rugrats Go Wild (best of Rugrats and Wild Thornberrys)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – (TURTLE POWER)
Getting Even with Dad – (with Macauly Culkin and Ted Danson – a classic!)
Shrek Forever After (starting April 1st on Tubi)

Maude’s Favorites for Adults Who Need a Mental Break (Or After Kids Go To Bed): 

Minority Report (the best of Tom Cruise!)
Sing Street(one of 2016’s most underrated flicks!)
Aeon Flux (with Charlize Theron, a futuristic movie)

With over 20,000 movies and TV shows, Tubi is always free and available on 25 different devices, including Roku, Amazon FireTV and Comcast Xfinity, for 20 million people who use the service each month.

The funny and charming Aussie Maude Garrett is a popular TV and radio host, producer, voice actor and creator of “geeky” content. After a successful career in Australian Television and moving into radio to host the Hot 30 Countdownnationwide, Maude decided it was time to set her sights on Los Angeles. As the host of The Hot Hits Live From LA, Maude was a staple at every major red-carpet premiere where she interviewed the world’s biggest stars including Angelina Jolie and Matt Damon. Focusing on her true passion (“being a nerd”), Maude launched Geek Bomb, the popular online destination and YouTube channel (with over 100K subscribers), focusing on movies, TV, comic books, video games & more. For more info, visit: 

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