844 Million People Worldwide Don’t Have Clean Drinking Water and More Than 3.5 Million Die Each Year from Water-Related Diseases

Ric talks with  Philippe Cousteau Jr. about the EarthEcho
Water Challenge to Help Protect
Critical Water Resources 

Global water pollution is on the rise due to intensive agriculture, industrial production, and untreated wastewater. In fact, more than 80 percent of wastewater in developing countries is left untreated, polluting rivers, lakes and coastal areas. As severe weather events increase in frequency across the United States and around the world, they contribute to pollution and other conditions that compromise community water resources, underscoring the need for citizens to become involved in monitoring and protecting local waterways. To help combat this problem, Philippe Cousteau Jr. (grandson of the legendary Jacques Cousteau) founded the environmental organization EarthEcho International and launched the annual EarthEcho Water Challenge.

With Earth Day approaching, the annual EarthEcho Water Challenge is back. Individuals, schools, businesses and community organizations can make their communities healthier and more sustainable by simply testing water quality locally, sharing data internationally and taking action to protect local waterways. To date, the EarthEcho Water Challenge has enlisted more than 1.5 million citizens from 146 countries to test and monitor more than 76,000 bodies of water. 
Philippe Cousteau Jr. shares more details about the EarthEcho Water Challenge and how people can get involved. Philippe Cousteau is a multi Emmy®-Nominated TV host and producer, author, speaker and social entrepreneur. He and his wife (former E! host and Entertainment Tonight correspondent Ashlan Cousteau) are the stars of Travel Channel’s hit series Caribbean Pirate Treasure. Philippe is also the host and executive producer of the multi-Emmy® nominated syndicated series Awesome Planet. He’s also hosted and produced TV series for CNN, Animal Planet, BBC and Discovery Channeland authored several award-winning books. To learn more about the EarthEcho Water Challenge, visit:

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