A Bloodless Takeover of Earth by Aliens Ushers in Utopia… But What Do These Unseen Overlords Really Want? A Star-Studded Cast Brings One of the Most Classic & Influential Science Fiction Novels to Life for the First Time Ever In Syfy’s Adaptation of Arthur C. Clarke’s Childhood’s End Airing December 14 through 16 at 8PM ET/PT on Syfy

Ric Talks with Stars Charles Dance (Game of Thrones, Imitation Game) and Mike Vogel (Blue Valentine, Under The Dome.)

Arthur C. Clarke’s Childhood’s End is one of the most acclaimed science fiction novels of all time. It will come to life in its first-ever adaptation this December in a six hour television event on Syfy, over three consecutive nights, beginning Monday, December 14th.
Childhood’s End follows the bloodless takeover of Earth by the alien Overlords, who usher in a peaceful takeover, health and security for all of humankind. But why do the Overlords insist on hiding their appearance – and what do they ultimately want? While much of the world enjoys its newfound Utopia, some suspect there’s a price to pay. As the truth about the Overlords’ intentions is revealed, humanity will discover its destiny may actually be a nightmare, and not a dream.

Charles Dance and Mike Vogel lead the exalted cast. Actor, writer and director Dance may be best known to TV audiences as “Tywin Lannister” in Game of Thrones. His numerous feature film credits include Plenty, Last Action Hero, Gosford Park, Neverland, Michael Collins, The Awakening, Child 44, The Imitation Game, and Dracula Untold.

Vogel’s was most recently was seen in CBS’ Under The Dome. His other starring roles on TV include Jake Squared, Pan Am, Bates Motel and Grounded for Life. His film credits include The Help, Blue Valentine, Cloverfield, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants.


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