A Mysterious Viking Tomb, a Lost Egyptian Princess, and the Origin of One of the Bible’s Most Famous Stories… Smithsonian Channel’s Secrets Employs Modern Technologies to Solve History’s Oldest Riddles Ric Speaks with Executive Producer Andra Heritage About the Revelations Explored in this Season of Secrets – Including New Insights into the Biblical Story of Jonah and the Whale!

In Smithsonian Channel’s hit series Secrets (which begins its fifth season on Sept. 24), the world’s leading archaeologists and investigators use modern technologies to uncover ancient mysteries and solve the puzzles from our past.

Stories featured on this season of Secrets include:

• A site found in the remote Israeli desert that may contain the real mines of King Solomon.

• A mysterious tomb that reveals the shocking force that caused the Viking Age to collapse and Viking corpses to disappear from their graves.

• New insights into the Biblical story of “Jonah and the Whale” after ISIS destroys a 2,700-year-old sacred temple in Iraq.

• A 3,000-year-old crime scene involving a lost Egyptian princess that would eventually lead to the fall of the Pharaohs.

Andra Heritage, a former journalist and TV newsroom editor and Executive Producer of Smithsonian Channel’s Secrets, discusses these and other amazing stories that viewers can discover in the new season of Secrets.

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