A Reflective Journey of a Loved One’s Passing by CK Brashares

I remember coming home from a particularly tough day when mom was especially obstinate about whatever we were trying to do for her that day. I pulled into my driveway, turned off the truck, and just sat there for a few minutes leaning back in my seat with my head against the headrest. I let out a sigh as my gaze went to the sky. I was struck by how the sky felt expansive and peaceful yet how small I was in comparison. It struck me oddly that I felt this feeling and I wondered what it meant.
Then the epiphany hit me. Since the day I had found out my mother’s days were numbered, I gradually diminished, day by day, becoming more compact/emotionally shut down to get through this period. I realized that I could no longer diminish myself any further. The expansiveness of the sky highlighted for me my feeling of smallness. Also, I could no longer hide from the feelings that came with the eventuality of my mother’s passing. I had to open and face those feelings and go through the pain of her loss.

Ck Brashares, a Jackson, Michigan resident, draws from a rich life of 53 years of marriage, parenting two children, and cherishing five grandchildren. Beyond her role as a loving family member, she finds pleasure in sewing, embroidery, puzzles, and various crafts. Deeply religious and actively involved in an Earth-based religion, Cindy’s journey was shaped by eight years in the banking industry, during which she honed her administrative skills.

A college graduate with a two-year degree in Micro-Computer Application Specialist, her love for writing began on a college course, where she crafted unpublished short stories. This foundation in writing made it easy for her to share her true story.

Cindy’s motivation to write her book emerged when her 93-year-old mother faced cancer. With the support of her siblings, they cared for their ailing mother. Her book serves as a beacon of information and solace for those who have navigating similar situations, while also aiming to inspire readers with her heartfelt journey.

Join Cindy in her inspiring journey by diving into her book, a heartfelt narrative that offers insight, solace, and a testament to the strength of family bonds.

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