Action Comics – the DC Comic Book that Launched the Superhero Genre and Introduced the World to Superman – Celebrates its 1000th Issue! Now Available wherever comic books are sold

Ric Speaks with DC’s Legendary Comic Book Writer and
Artist Dan Jurgens about the Impact of Action Comics,
the Longest-Running Superhero Comic Series in History

In June of 1938, DC Comics unveiled the first issue of Action Comics, which would ultimately have a massive impact on the worlds of entertainment and popular culture as we know it. Introducing the world to the “superhero” concept, Action Comics featured the very first appearance of the red and blue-suited icon known as Superman. Today, 80 years later, DC celebrates the one-thousandth issue of Action Comics, making it the longest continually published superhero comic book in history.

Having written or drawn most every major title published by DC Comics and Marvel Comics, Dan Jurgens is recognized by fans everywhere as a major creative force. At DC Comics, Dan worked on Flash Gordon, Green Arrow, the Justice League of America, and is best known as the writer behind The Death of Superman, one of the top-selling comics of all time.
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