Amazing Race Host Phil Keoghan Introduces Viewers to the Captivating People & Places in his Native New Zealand in FLYING HIGH WITH PHIL KEOGHAN Premiering Sunday August 6th at 8pm ET/PT on Smithsonian

New Smithsonian Channel Special Offers a Unique Look at the Island at the Edge of the World

An Emmy award®-winning producer and host of The Amazing Race, Phil Keoghan has experienced a life full of travel and adventure. He started traveling around the world at age two and has been globetrotting ever since. After surviving a near-death experience at age 19 after getting lost inside a 22,000-ton shipwreck, Keoghan wrote a list of things to do before he died. For more than 20 years, he has lived this list in front of a TV camera in more than 100 countries as an actor, author, television host, producer and cameraman.

In his latest adventure, Phil returns home to his native country of New Zealand for the new Smithsonian Channel TV special Flying High with Phil Keoghan. Phil and his crew go beyond New Zealand’s jaw-dropping scenery and natural wonders, and meet some of the country’s icons, game changers and global celebrities. From Academy Award®-winning Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson to the world’s fastest female rally driver, Emma Gilmour, Phil meets with inventors, entrepreneurs, comedians and scientists that reflect the tenacious, humble and creative spirit of the Kiwis.

Phil discusses the captivating stories viewers can expect to see in the new special, some of the most memorable and thrilling adventures he’s experienced in his lifetime, as well as his life philosophy (also the title of his best-selling book), No Opportunity Wasted.

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