Amazon’s first original drama series “Bosch”, created by Michael Connelly and starring Titus Welliver

Fictional homicide detective “Harry Bosch” is coming to life in Amazon’s first original drama series, Bosch. Amazon will debut all 10 episodes of Bosch Friday February 13th on Prime Instant Video.

Ric talks to best-selling author & series creator Michael Connelly and Star Titus Welliver

In Amazon’s first original one-hour drama, Welliver Stars as Detective Harry Bosch, based on a character created by Connelly in his series of best-selling books. Connelly also executive produces the TV series. It follows the relentless LAPD homicide detective as he pursues the killer of a 13-year-old boy while standing trial in federal court on accusations that he murdered a suspected killer in cold blood. There have been 19 Harry Bosch novels published since 1992, including 2014’s number-one bestseller The Burning Room.

Titus Welliver has played many memorable television characters. He was introduced into FX’s Sons of Anarchy midway through season two, in which he portrays Irish gun kingpin Jimmy O’Phelan. In 2009, he started playing the role of Prosecutor Glenn Childs, a rival of Chris Noth’s character, in the CBS series The Good Wife. He recently joined the cast of the apocalyptic drama The Last Ship, as Thorwald, a local warlord fighting underground in a dying world infected by a global pandemic.

Michael Connelly is an author of detective novels and other crime fiction, notably those featuring LAPD Detective Hieronymus “Harry” Bosch and criminal defense attorney Mickey Haller. His books, which have been translated into 39 languages, have garnered him many awards.

Connelly was the subject of the 2004 video documentary Blue Neon Night: Michael Connelly’s Los Angeles. He occasionally makes guest appearances as himself in the ABC comedy/drama TV series Castle. Along with the late Stephen J. Cannell, James Patterson, and Dennis Lehane, he is one of Castle’s poker buddies.

Connelly’s novel The Lincoln Lawyer was made into a film in 2011, with Matthew McConaughey playing defense lawyer Michael “Mickey” Haller.

Amazon will debut all 10 episodes of Connelly’s new original series, Bosch, Friday, February 13, on Prime Instant Video.

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