America’s first black TV bachelor gets help from a higher power in WE tv’s Match Made in Heaven Airing Thursdays at 11 pm ET/PT

Philadelphia Millionaire Shawn Bullard receives guidance from a spiritual advisor and his own mother who lives with the bachelorettes!

Philadelphia real estate magnate Shawn Bullard is TV’s first black bachelor in WE tv’s new hit reality series Match Made in Heaven. And who better to help Shawn find his soulmate than the man upstairs — or at least someone with a close connection? Pastor Ken Johnson (spiritual advisor to the Indianapolis Colts) guides Shawn in his quest to make a love connection by observing the authenticity of 24 bachelorettes vying for his attention. And if that weren’t enough, an even higher power chimes in when Shawn’s own outspoken mother moves in with the bachelorettes and offers her say on who may become her future daughter-in-law!

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