Animal Planet’s Redwood Kings.

Animal Planet branches out to explore the knotty artistic creations of twin brothers they call the Redwood Kings. Fridays at 9 PM ET/PT on Animal Planet

This summer, Animal Planet combines the majesty of nature with master craftsmanship in the all-new series Redwood Kings. The titular tree titans are twin brothers and business partners Ron and John Daniels – nationally renowned for turning found pieces of ancient reclaimed redwood trees into hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind works of art.

Ron is the detail-oriented, business-savvy president of Daniels Wood Land, Inc. He resides in Paso Robles, CA, where he co-owns and operates the shop, a large property consisting of a woodshed, junkyard (or as the boys call it, their shopping mall!) and garage with his twin brother John.

John is the artistic, chainsaw-wielding creative mastermind behind Daniels Wood Land, Inc. His impressive (and often enormous!) wood carvings serve as centerpieces for many of the shop’s themed attractions and tree houses.

In the seven-episode premiere season, Ron and John and the team head back to the glory days of California’s gold rush to create a working replica of a gold-stamp mill and spinning waterwheel for a roadside attraction; build a pirate-themed “scallywag sloop” for lil’ swashbucklers; and construct a 10-gunport shooting gallery for the flagship store of one of the country’s largest sporting-goods chain. The crew members also tackle their largest and most demanding job to date when they design the massive, nine-room, interactive theatrical experience: The San Francisco Dungeon. Located in the historic Fisherman’s Wharf, visitors get a tour through the city’s colorful 200-year-old history.

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