Arthur Brantman, author of “Leaning on the Line by Lawyers and Others”

Leaning On The Line By Lawyers and Others brings you an inside view of criminal trials, civil litigation cases, administration hearings and parts of a general law practice. It illustrates by examples the common thread in all these seemingly different factual situations. The theme is that unless there is integrity in the conduct of lawyers, judges, clients and others to recognize the line between right and wrong, then the legal system is flawed. Lawyers want to achieve the results their clients want to accomplish. Achieving these results in an adversarial system puts getting to truth or justice in a secondary position.

To help readers focus on the problem, the cases and factual situations in the book illustrate factual settings where pressures arise and cause, either consciously or unconsciously, the leaning on or crossing the line. By encouraging readers to consider these problems and detect where they occur, Brantman hopes to entertain them and help them recognize the need to stay away from crossing or leaning on the line.

Arthur Brantman is a retired attorney and real estate developer. He has been an entrepreneur and has owned and operated construction, sales and management companies. He also participated in the formation of a fiber optic telephone company. He has used his more than sixty years of experience to bring up for discussion some of the structural problems in the legal system to improve the system and to entertain his readers.

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