Banner Year for Third Parties? Author-Historian Darcy G. Richardson

The author of a recent biography of independent Vermont lawmaker and insurgent presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and the chronicler of a multivolume series on independent and third-party politics in the United States, Darcy G. Richardson has written more than a dozen books on American politics and history. The recipient of an Outstanding Academic Title (OAT) from prestigious Choice magazine in 2005, Richardson’s books were featured in Newsweek’s “What You Need to Read Now” section in July 2010.

Long active in third-party politics, Darcy has rubbed shoulders with some of the best known political figures of the past three decades. Besides managing campaigns he also ran for Pennsylvania Auditor General and the U.S. Senate as a third party candidate. In 2012 he offered himself as a protest candidate in several Democratic presidential primaries.

Darcy is the author of “Others” a four volume series on US third parties.

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