Personal connections that leave people feeling a sense of being cared about and valued, with a true sense of belonging and being wanted, is something most of us include when listing the kinds of things that lead to feeling happy and fulfilled. Yet many of us don’t have the kinds of close relationships that leave us feeling deeply cared about and understood. 
Dr. Carlo has created this book with the intention of empowering others to understand how to enrich their lives in ways that will result in their feeling more confident in their social experiences, comfortable, safe, and loved. 

About Dr. Carlo

PAUL CARLO, PH.D., is a psychotherapist in full time private practice in Santa Monica, Ca. specializing in child, parent, family, and adult relationship issues. His extensive experience as a teacher, speaker, author, university administrator, consultant, and founding director of the USC Center on Child Welfare, have uniquely qualified him as an expert in the area of forming and sustaining meaningful, satisfying and loving relationships with significant others. He lives in Los Angeles, with his wife and son, in a busy household surrounded by loving family, friends, neighbors, and close professional colleagues.

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