Brice Barnes and “Vignettes From Vietnam: Brief Moments of Sanity, Belated Notes of Gratitude”

Serving two tours in Vietnam, Brice H. Barnes served in a variety of roles, from Platoon Leader to Company Commander to PsyWar/Political Advisor to the Vietnamese Army. He retired as a Colonel, and now lives in Dripping Springs, Texas, with his wife and three miniature dachshunds.

Drawing on his experiences from two tours in Vietnam, Brice H. Barnes has compiled a remarkable assortment of vignettes or very short stories, ranging all the way from the joys of getting gifts from the “church ladies” to helping to steal a peanut mill! With emphasis on the value of teamwork, these stories detail the finding of the largest weapons and arms cache in the entire war to committing several grand larcenies, as told by a highly decorated combat veteran. In a fitting tribute to the men who lived and fought with Barnes, these vignettes are dedicated to a variety of men who were major contributors to the successes that Barnes experienced, with a deep sense of gratitude that is expressed at the end of each vignette.

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