Brittany’s Rose: Finding Peace After Losing A Loved One by Mary Jane Clayton

Finding Peace After Losing a Loved One When someone you love passes away, a part of your heart goes with them, and when a part is missing, your heart doesn’t beat the same. How do you accept this great loss and find peace? How do you bring back the happiness you once had without feeling guilty? As you move through this journey, you will: -Understand that healing is about everyone, not just the sick -Experience God’s magic at work. -Learn to recognize messages from loved ones on the other side. -Become aware that miracles happen when you believe they can. Those who have passed on are still within your reach. You just have to learn to touch them in a different way. As you look up and accept Divine guidance, you will: -Learn to let go of doubt and fear. -Feel anger and sadness disappear. -Experience happiness making its way back into your life.

Mary Jane Clayton is an illustrator and author who lives in Southern California with her children and grandchildren. She was born in Michigan, grew up in Florida, attended college in Utah, and moved to Southern California in 1984, where she lives today. She and her family enjoy the outdoors and enjoy a variety of activities reaching from the ocean, to the mountains and the desert. She enjoys writing about real life experiences and how they change our perspective on life and influence our decisions.

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