Business Travel Can Be Exhausting, and Time Consuming Don’t Let Your Hot and Bothersome Suit Add to Your Travel Stress

Ric catches up with Dr. Gregory Haggquist, inventor of a yarn technology that uses the human body’s own infrared radiation to evaporate moisture and Scott Britton a successful professional and Forbes 2017 30 Under 30 for Enterprise Tech list maker who believes in and wears the clothing.

They have teamed up with Jos. A. Bank to bring a new layer of high tech performance technology, commonly found in sports performance gear, applied to tailored clothing for the modern professional in the everyday suit with TravelTech. The 37.5® technology invented by Dr. Haggquist removes moisture in the vapor stage, before liquid sweat can form. Because it works to keep you at optimum temperature, a TravelTech suit virtually disappears on your body. Combined with just enough stretch for mobility, which is just what Britton loves about the suits.

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