Comedian and best-selling author Rob Delaney & Irish actress Sharon Horgan visit with Ric. The duo explore what happens when worlds collide in the new Amazon comedy “Catastrophe”

Writer and stand-up comic Rob Delaney created, wrote and stars in Catastrophe. Various media outlets have dubbed him one of “The Funniest People on Twitter” and in 2012, Delaney won the award for “Funniest Person on Twitter” at the Comedy Central Comedy Awards beating out such luminaries as Steve Martin and Stephen Colbert. Most recently he self-released his debut one-hour comedy special Live at the Bowery Ballroom via his own website, He’s a best selling author and also sings the national anthem for the Boston Red Sox and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Sharon Horgan is an Irish actress, writer and director best known for her BBC comedy Pulling. She co-wrote Catastrophe with Delaney and is currently writing a sitcom for HBO with Sarah Jessica Parker called Divorce.

Catastrophe is about an American man and Irish woman who make a mess out of falling in love in London as they deal with an unexpected pregnancy. Rob (Delaney) decides to move to London to become the father he never had, while Sharon (Horgan) questions whether this will be her last chance at motherhood. Together, Rob and Sharon must steer through increasingly thorny situations and navigate the choppy waters of their ever-more-complicated lives, while also learning to deal with Sharon’s largely unpleasant friend, Fran (Ashley Jensen from Ugly Betty) and Rob’s eccentric Bostonian mother, Mia (Carrie Fisher, of Star Wars fame).

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