Custom bike building with Len Edmondson, the star of “Biker Battleground Phoenix”

Unknown to many, Phoenix, Arizona, is the custom bike-building capital of the world — a place where shop owners compete for customers who will pay upwards of $150,000 for a fully personalized motorcycle. Biker Battleground Phoenix, the new HISTORY series, gives viewers a never-before-seen look at the extraordinary craftsmanship, the big egos and the heated rivalries that make up this intensely competitive world.

Len Edmondson, owner of Azzkikr Customs, is one of the nation’s top bike builders. Len launched a multi-million dollar construction business in Vancouver, which he ran for nearly 30 years, before pursuing his real love, building motorcycles. Now living in Phoenix, Len has won many awards for his contemporary, artistic flare and classic lines, and he’s determined to bury the competition. Len talks about the new series, the latest motorcycle trends (choppers and cruisers are out; Baggers are in) and the lengths that he and his fellow bike-builders will go to as they compete for big business and bragging rights. 

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