Daylight Saving Time Sleep Tips… Just In Time for National Sleep Awareness Week!

Ric Talks with Wellness Expert Lauren Zoeller About
Resetting Your Body Clock And Creating A
‘Wake-Up Well Regime’ to Help Jumpstart Your Day. 
We’re preparing to “Spring Forward” (March 10th) with Daylight Saving Time, which means we all lose an hour of sleep. With a nation that is already sleep deprived (surveys show 1 in 3 Americans are chronically sleep deprived and 70 million Americans have sleep disorders), Life Balance Coach and Wellness expert Lauren Zoeller will help everyone deal with the time shift with holistic ways to sleep smart and wake up well.

Lauren discusses: 

* Selfcare tips on resetting your Circadian Rhythms (body clock) to get sleep patterns back on track.

* Innovative ways to create a ‘Wake Up Well Regime’ to help jumpstart your day – including modern aromatherapy, lifestyle choices, and some of her favorite This Works sleep and wake up solutions which work in harmony with your body clock.

* How lack of sleep and poor morning habits can wreak havoc on your mental focus, energy levels, overall wellbeing and skin health.

While the time change naturally brings awareness to the topic of sleep, Lauren uniquely explores the flip side of sleep loss – how to wake up well and charge up your day. The spring time change occurs March 10th, World Sleep Day is March 15th and National Sleep Awareness Week is the week of March 11th -17th.

Lauren Zoeller is a CTA certified Life Management Coach and Wellness Expert who brings holistic balance to busy professionals. She has achieved overwhelming success in helping people find work/life balance for increased happiness and heightened performance to achieve their mind, body, and spirit goals. Whether she is working one on one with clients, facilitating one of her workshops, speaking to a group, or teaching yoga, Lauren has the ability to open hearts and minds to enable her clients to become the best version of themselves. In addition to her coaching practice, Lauren teaches yoga in the Nashville area and co-leads Yoga Teacher Training Certification Courses with Phoenix Yoga Teacher Training. When she is not coaching or teaching, you can find her traveling, at speaking engagements and leading workshops to promote her ultimate message of balance and self care. Her clients include CEOs, entrepreneurs and professional athletes, as well as companies seeking self-care and life-balance programs for their employees. 

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