Does Parenthood Drive Couples to Infidelity? We find out with Melissa Lavigne-Delville.

A new study done in conjunction with USA’s new Drama, Satisfaction, reveals intriguing insights about marriage and fidelity. “Satisfaction” airs Thursday at 10 on USA Network.

Ric chats with culture & trend expert Melissa Lavigne-Delville about the surprising new findings

USA’s original new series Satisfaction asks “what do you do when having it all is not enough.” A new scientific study attempts to answer that question by examining Americans’ opinions on the nature of marriage, love, relationships and fidelity — and reveals some startling results. Among the findings, parents are far more likely than non-parents to commit adultery.

Melissa Lavigne-Delville is a leading expert on generational insights, consumer culture and social trends. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, Fast Company, Forbes, Ad Age and many more. She is the founder of Culture Co-op, commissioned by USA Network to conduct the study.

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