Emmy Award®-Winning sports filmmaker Rory Karpf shares with Ric the true inside story of one of sports’ most polarizing figures, Christian Laetner on the documentary “I Hate Christian Laettner”, premiering on ESPN Sunday March 15th at 9 pm ET/PT

The most hated player in college basketball history is the focus of ESPN’s newest 30 for 30 documentary…I Hate Christian Laettner

He made perhaps the most dramatic shot in the history of the NCAA basketball tournament. He’s the only player to start in four consecutive Final Fours, and was instrumental in Duke winning two national championships. He had looks, smarts and game. So why has Christian Laettner been disliked so intensely by so many for so long? Maybe it was the time he stomped on the chest of a downed player, or the battles he had with his teammates, or a perceived sense of entitlement. But sometimes, perception isn’t reality.

Directed by Emmy Award®-winning sports documentarian Rory Karpf (The Book of Manning, Tim Richmond: To the Limit), I Hate Christian Laettner is the latest installment of ESPN’s acclaimed 30 for 30 documentary series.

To learn more about I Hate Christian Laettner visit:
ESPN – I Hate Christian Laettner 

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