Etsy’s Resident Trend Setter Returns to Help You Discover The Best Bespoke Holiday Gifts for Everyone In Your Life!

Dayna Isom Johnson
Shares with Ric Her Favorite
Gifting Ideas & Decorating Trends for the Holidays. 
We’re heading into the gift-giving season and Dayna has some ideas for everyone on your list: mom, dad, kids, siblings, or spouse – even the purr-fect present for four-legged family members! Shoppers are going the extra mile to find thoughtful gifts that add meaning and magic to the holidays.

From stained glass decor to eco-friendly gifts, this year’s holiday trends continue to embrace key themes that have been spiking throughout 2019: nostalgia, maximalism, and the sentiment of “being real.”

Dayna Discusses All of Etsy’s Most Popular Holiday Trends: 

*Stained Glass: It’s making a comeback! Not old-school designs, but modern adaptations for present-day shoppers.
*90’s Shimmer: Iridescent accents and lots of sparkle that update the popular 1990’s celestial motif.
*Maximalism: Think big and bold and pile on the textures and prints.
*Greener Gifts: For the less ostentatious, sustainable and upcycled items are on the rise.
*Winter Jungle-Land: Warmer temps on your mind? Jungle and tropical-themed accents like leopard prints and toucan touches.
*Log Cabin: For those loving the cold and cozy, plaid and timber patterns are also all the rage.
*Winter Whites: Dreamy and creamy holiday decor is elegantly in.
*Happy Pawlidays: Pet pampering presents galore.
Dayna Isom Johnson is a trend expert with over a decade of experience unearthing the latest and greatest styles. She also serves as co-judge on NBC’s hit series Making It, hosted by Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman (returning in December). Dayna is in constant pursuit of new and unique finds and is passionate about helping shoppers find special pieces that showcase their personal style. In Dayna’s current role at Etsy, she lends her expertise to media across a multitude of industries – from home decor and weddings, to fashion and accessories. She makes frequent appearances on national television and satellite radio shows, and is regularly quoted as a trend resource in lifestyle and news publications. For more information, visit:

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