Exclusive Picture Commemorates the One-Year Anniversary of the Solar Eclipse.

Ric Catches Up with Photographer and Artist Jon Carmichael
as He Prepares to Unveil a Photograph of the
Great American Eclipse that He Took at 39-Thousand Feet.

One year ago millions of Americans came together as “cosmic magic” swept away America’s troubles during the Great American Eclipse. For the first time in 99 years the moon’s shadow raced across the U.S. becoming the most-observed and photographed moment in history.

In celebration of the anniversary, New York-based artist Jon Carmichael is publicly unveiling a photograph, which many say, could be the greatest photo of an eclipse ever achieved.

In order to capture this amazing photograph, Carmichael flew across the country to catch Southwest Airlines from Portland, Oregon to St. Louis, Missouri. His biggest fear was not getting a window seat and missing the once-in-a-lifetime moment. But thanks to the fantastic crew, he got a great seat and the flight captain performed a series of five 180-degree turns while under the moon’s shadow ensuring that he would get the shots he desired.

Jon Carmichael, a Las Vegas native, is a self-taught photographer who started his career at age 20 with the purchase of his first camera. He quickly became one of the youngest high profile photographers in the world with photos of President Barack Obama, Lady Gaga, Stevie Wonder and others. Carmichael’s deepest passion however, remained in Contemporary landscape and astrophotography. For the last 10 years, Carmichael has devoted his efforts to honing his craft and creating a series of breathtaking photographs from many of the locations he has traveled to around the world.
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