Explore The Unexplained and Unknown Mysteries of Our Universe! ALIENCON 2018 November 9-11, in Baltimore, Maryland

AlienCon is a three day, immersive fan convention that
brings together those seeking the truth about the unknown mysteries of our universe and extraterrestrial existence, past and present. Ric catches up with Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, star of HISTORY’s hit series 
Ancient Aliens and a favorite celebrity panelist at AlienCon.

Created for fans of Ancient Aliens, sci-fi buffs and those seeking disclosure of all kinds, AlienCon features interactive panels with celebrities, filmmakers and Ancient Aliens experts; as well as VIP experiences, celebrity autograph and photo sessions and an expansive marketplace. AlienCon is an out-of-this-world opportunity for attendees to meet, discuss, debate and explore the unexplained together.

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos has been a leading contributor on HISTORY’s Ancient Aliens since 2009 and is the publisher of Legendary Times Magazine, the world’s leading Ancient Astronaut Theory research journal. As one of the world’s foremost Ancient Astronaut Theory experts, Tsoukalos has been featured in many media appearances reporting about the latest discoveries in the Ancient Astronaut field. Tsoukalos’ research has spanned 20 years and his expeditions to mysterious ancient sites have taken him around the world to numerous countries and continents.

AlienCon Baltimore
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