Eye to Eye: Memoirs of a Mayo Clinic-Trained Eye Surgeon by John J. Jarstad, MD

Eye to Eye: Memories of a Mayo-Trained LDS Medical Missionary is the story of Dr. John S. Jarstad. From humble beginnings as a commercial fisherman to his becoming an international expert in eye surgery and an inventor, this book tells the remarkable stories of doctors and patients whose lives were changed by faith, prayers, persistence, and hard work. 

Author Bio: I am a Mayo trained, board certified ophthalmologist specializing in laser and cataract surgery including “Bladeless Laser Cataract Surgery,” LASIK, Glaucoma and Cornea procedures. My research has helped to develop the first one-handed injector for lens implants (Passport), the Jarstad Cataract surgery marker, the Jarstad-Stone teaching head and cataract surgery simulator, a new instrument for cracking a dense cataract for use in developing countries (patent applied for), and a less expensive treatment for keratoconus using high dose dietary riboflavin and natural UV light.



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