From Facebook & Google -
 To What You Buy & Your Location Most Every Entity Collects Your Personal Data.

Corporations and Marketers Make
Billions of 
Dollars on Your Data.
Even Your Medical Records are Sold to
Make Money Off of You. is the Company Behind the 31st Human Right,
Empowering People to Own Their Data as Property.

Ric Talks with author and entrepreneur Richie Etwaru, AKA as ‘The Patron Saint of Trusted Commerce,’ about how our personal data is being bought and sold in a human data marketplace, valued at an estimated $150-200 billion annually, without being respected as our own property.

Richie Etwaru is an American business executive, author, global keynote speaker, adjunct professor and patent holder who specializes in the next era of commerce termed “Trusted Commerce”. With roles at Fortune 500 companies for two decades, he serves as advisor to venture capitalists, startups, governments, academia, and large organizations on transitioning to Trust Companies. Richie’s 2017 book Blockchain Trust Companies, Every Company is at Risk of Being Disrupted by a Trusted Version of Itself is used by universities, consulting organizations, and governments, and his TEDx talk Blockchain Massively Simplified has been viewed almost 1 million times. is the world’s first and only organization developing human rights and corollary sovereign laws in a decentralized manner on blockchains. The world’s first and only decentralized human rights App built on blockchain, the technology behind Bitcoin, will enable humans globally to claim a new human right, establishing legal ownership of our inherent human data as our property.
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