Dr. Mary Jayne Rogers guides you on a journey toward personal empowerment and well-being. From Overwhelmed to Inspired cuts through the misinformation of most diet and exercise fads to help you discover the true essentials of wellness and how to attain better health, improved relationships, and a deeper connection to your inner source.
Using tools such as compassion, patience, and understanding, Dr. Mary Jayne teaches that wellness is a worthy goal. Rogers takes the frustration and discouragement out of the concept of health and wellness and renders it attainable and worthwhile.
From Overwhelmed to Inspired reminds us that our experience of wellness is as individual as we are. Dr. Mary Jayne offers guidance to help illuminate your personal vision of wellness and directs you toward achieving that vision. While wellness is the destination, the emphasis is on learning from the journey itself.
Rogers zeroes in on the “Three Selfs”: self-esteem, self-respect and self-efficacy. In addition to these she also encourages compassion (both for ourselves and others) and mindful awareness as key components of wellness.
After weaving together the wellness concepts of mind, body and spirit, Dr. Mary Jayne provides “stepping stones”—practical approaches to continue your journey after finishing the book. She gives readers the three keys to success and helps them reevaluate their personal beliefs about health and contentment.
From Overwhelmed to Inspired also contains interactive worksheets and questionnaires to help you take the wheel on your journey ahead. Thrive with the encouragement of this gentle, intelligent, compassionate guide.
About the AuthorMary Jayne Rogers, PhD, is an exercise physiologist with more than thirty years of experience in the health and fitness industry. Rogers’s expertise has been featured in Shape magazine, SELF magazine and the Wall Street Journal. She has won several industry accolades and is internationally recognized for her work.

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