From the Author of the Internationally Best-Selling Septimus Heap Book Series Comes an All-New Fantasy Adventure for Young Readers…. Maximillian Fly!

Ric Speaks with Author Angie Sage About Her
Gripping and Darkly Funny New Book 

Following the global success of her seven-book fantasy series Septimus Heap, best-selling author Angie Sage is back with a brand-new fantasy novel, Maximillian Fly. The absorbing and darkly humorous book tells the story of Maximillian Fly—a human with cockroach features—whose quiet life is upended when he aids two human children in their escape from an oppressive governing power.

Maximillian Fly wants no trouble. Yet because he stands at six feet two, with beautiful indigo wings, long antennae, and multiple arms, many are frightened of him. This gentle creature — who looks like a giant cockroach — wants to prove his goodness, so he opens his door to two SilverSeed children in search of a place to hide. Instantly, Maximillian’s quiet, solitary life changes. There are dangerous powers after them and they have eyes everywhere. But in this gray city of Hope trapped under the Orb, is escape even possible?

Maximillian Fly is a masterful story brimming with suspense, plot twists, and phenomenal world building. This compelling novel delves into family dynamics and themes of prejudice, making the case for tolerance, empathy, and understanding. 

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