Historical Fiction author John Brewer.

John Brewer moved frequently while living in Kansas, Oklahoma, California, Alaska, and Alberta (Canada). He studied at Johns Hopkins University; B.A. in Biology in 1960 and Ph.D. in Biochemistry in 1963. He took his postdoctoral experience at University of Illinois from 1963 to 1966.

He married in 1965 and has two children. His career started at the University of Georgia in 1966, from Assistant to Associate to full Professor, at the University of Georgia. He has over 100 professional scientific publications.

He has been reading history books as hobby for many years.

Golden Mary
In 1536, Henry VIII decided to pay his debts by closing monasteries and selling their assets. This created opportunities for those with money. The Easterlings, prominent London goldsmiths, have money and a golden-haired daughter, Mary. She is being aggressively courted by Lord Lavenham. The Easterlings are also cultivating a young nobleman, Henry Barrowby, who sits in Parliament. This is to assist their quest for an estate. Barrowby recognizes Lavenham at the Easterling’s dinner table as the man who seduced Barrowby’s first love.

Henry and Mary fall in love. But Lavenham will stop at nothing to rid himself of a rival–permanently. Tudor London is backdrop to a tender and passionate love affair and to attacks, kidnapping and murderous swordplay.

“[The author has] created a cast of fun and believable characters.”


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