Hovey Smith

Our guest is Hovey Smith who, at age 75, says that he has finally figured out what he is. He is an guy who is driven to innovative thought. He has B.S. and M.S. degrees in Geology, was an Exploration Geologist in Alaska and elsewhere for decades, a decorated Combat Engineer Officer, Outdoorsman, author of 18 books, has published more than 650 YouTube videos and had his own podcast radio show “Hovey ‘s Outdoor Adventures.”

His newest venture is in business promotion and entrepreneurship during which he researched and founded his own business, “Hovey’s Knives of China.” He used this experience to help solidify his ideas and published them in his new book, “Ideas for New Businesses: Finding ideas for starting your million or billion dollar business.” This booklet is designed to help others discover which of their passions has the potential for being not only a successful business, but one that has sufficient money-making potential to accomplish their life goals.

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