Investigation Discovery’s Hit Series PEOPLE MAGAZINE INVESTIGATES: CULTS Reveals the Shocking, Untold Stories of America’s Most Notorious Cults

From Children of God to the Manson Family,
PEOPLE Magazine Senior Editor Alicia Dennis Talks with Ric about the Strange and Often Violent Cults
Profiled in the Popular Series 

PEOPLE MAGAZINE INVESTIGATES: CULTS returns for a second season on Investigation Discovery Monday June 3rd at 9pm ET/PT to continue its exploration into the terrifying world of cults. Anchored by PEOPLE’s true crime editorial team, each episode follows one infamous cult from its creation, as power-hungry cult leaders use manipulation, sex and fear mongering to control and dominate their followers into blind loyalty. From “Children of God” to the Manson family, PEOPLE’s award-winning journalists are in the field exposing the abusive rituals and brutal conditions that exist within these organizations. The team speaks exclusively to survivors who narrowly escaped and are attempting to rebuild their lives outside the confines of these rigid and criminal organizations.
Senior Editor Alicia Dennis has worked throughout People’ssections for more than 15 years, earning multiple editorial awards for reporting and breaking news coverage. As People’s senior editor of crime, Dennis oversees a team of investigative reporters who delve into crime stories around the country, bringing millions of readers (in addition to viewers on ID’s People Magazine Investigates) compelling accounts of mystery. Intrigue, and insight from victims and their families.For more info, visit:

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