It Was a Cultural Sensation! A Show About “Nothing” that Captured the Attention of Tens of Millions of People Each Week. Almost 20 Years Later, Seinfeld is Still “Everything!”

Catch all nine seasons of the acclaimed Emmy®-winning series streaming exclusively on Hulu. Ric catches up with Jennifer Keishin Armstrong, acclaimed TV historian and author of The New York Times bestseller, Seinfeldia: How A Show About Nothing Changed Everything.

Profiling one of the most influential works of pop culture to exist in the past 25 years, Jennifer Keishin Armstrong provides an inside-the-writers’-room view of how the show’s ridiculous plotlines came together, and the real-life inspirations behind them. With dozens of never-before-told stories, as well as never-before-published personal photos, in a starred review, Wall Street Journal calls SEINFELDIA “[S]avvy and engaging…the best way to enjoy Seinfeldia is to read the book with TV remote in hand, calling up episodes on Hulu as Ms. Armstrong adroitly recounts the back story of these still-captivating shows that were never, ever about nothing.”

Among the many fascinating facts she shares with Ric…

-Who inspired the character of Elaine Benes?
-A look at how Joe Davola, the Soup Nazi, the “Real Kramer,” and others continue to live Seinfeld-dominated lives decades after the show’s final episode.
-Dozens of stories from inside the writers’ room, including how Elaine became a groundbreaking female character.

Jennifer Keishin Armstrong worked at Entertainment Weekly for a decade. She’s now the TV columnist for BBC Culture and also writes for several other publications, including The New York Times Book Review, Fast Company, New York‘s Vulture, The Verge, and Dame. Her history of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Mary and Lou and Rhoda and Ted, was published 2013.

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